1. How to check number of left credits on my key?

    You can check it on the Tools page.

  2. How can I benefit from your service by implementing it into my selling softwares?

    You can get profit sharing from our service by

    1. Get a vendor key and a test key by contact us.
    2. Implement our service API in your software. Check Our API Document.
    3. Tell us your preferred payment method and time.
    4. With a vendor key, you can always check statistics on the Tools page.
  3. Need your captchas to be input in Case-Sensitive way?

    By default, we will not decode captchas in Case-Sensitive way. But however, we support that. If you need that to be done, you need to contact us and tell us your key and requirement, we will enable your key for that feature. And in future, if you still need that feature to be enabled, you may need to fill credits on your old key, instead of buying a new key.

  4. Will I get refund when captcha is not input correctly?

    In short words, yes. In details, our service will charge you for a captcha input only if positive feedback is reported or no feedback is reported. And so if the software you are using has implemented the feedback API, you will never be charged for incorrect input.

If you have trouble accessing tools page or using other functions over https, click here to visit site with http.

Software vendors, we offer a new opportunity for you to earn more by integrating our service into your softwares.