The easiest solution for Internet data extracting

Get any Internet data in just 3 simple steps. Never been so easy.
  1. Send us your requirement.

    Use our Contact form to send us your requirement. Make sure you have included the following details.
    • Where to get the data? E.g. webpage link.
    • What data to be extracted? E.g. the product name, price and rating.
    • In what form you need the data? E.g. Excel file, Email.
  2. Wait for our review, price asking and time estimation.

    We will return to you in less than 12 hours with our reviewing and price asking. Some time, we may need to ask you more questions about more details. So to not waste your time, you may need to fill as more details as possible when you contact us.
  3. You agree our offer and wait for the data.

    While you are sleeping or drinking, we are hard working to collect, verify the data you requested. Before the deadline, we will send you the data you requested in the form you asked.
You do not need to be computer geeks to know software using, programming. We do everything for you except enjoying your happy time.

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