100% automatic fazenda.gov.br captcha bypassing

Want to have captchas on fazenda.gov.br bypassed, you are now at the right place.

How we bypass it?

We use two methods to achieve that. First, we have collected many real people workers to sit before computer and solve captchas. That means, we can help on bypassing any human readable captchas. Second, we are programers and we can make OCR software to decode captcha images if it is not that hard. Third, we can easyly combine both human worker system and auto OCR system to speed up everything.

How to use our service?

You at first need to buy some credits on our order page. Then you need to modify your software to have our API integrated and then you will have everything fully automated.

Need help?

Contact us at any time.

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Software vendors, we offer a new opportunity for you to earn more by integrating our service into your softwares.