JDownloader Captcha Bypass Helper

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1. Download the helper

Download helper for windows

2. Install it

To install the helper, you need to uncompress it at first. After uncompressing it, you will see the following files in the target folder.

File List

Then, you need to create a new folder named bypasscaptcha under your JDownloader folder. Normally it is at C:\Program Files\JDownloader\jd\captcha\methods\, but it may be different if you did not install your JDownloader at the default folder.

Then copy all the files into the new bypasscaptcha folder.

3. Config it

Check the new folder bypasscaptcha, there should be a file named key.txt . Open it and erase all old text, fill your bypasscaptcha key there. Do not have one? Order it now.

Click file ShowBalance.bat and see if you have configured it correctly. Also click file Test.bat to submit the sample captcha for testing.

4. Use it

Restart your JDownloader and start using it. The sites for which this helper will be used for captcha bypassing is put in file jacinfo.xml , if you want to remove some or add more, edit it.